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隊員TK-13511 Martin 英國遊記

作為一個501隊員,你會突然間在世界各地多了好多朋友。幾日前,香港駐軍🇭🇰隊員TK-13511 約了英國駐軍🇬🇧隊員在大英博物館見面,竟同時遇上了穿上隊衣在參觀博物館的愛爾蘭駐軍🇮🇪。實在太巧合了!當然要拍照留念一下!📸 當然不會缺少了換章的環節。

Being a 501st memeber, it also means that you will have friends all over the world. A few days ago, HK Garrison member TK-13511 had planned a meeting with UK Garrison in British Museum. In the museum, they bumped into a member from the Ireland Garrison, as he was wearing a jacket with his ID. What a coincidence! A photo is a must to record such a moment! And for sure, patch trading.

Force will bring 501st together !

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