Interview with Mr. Pang Ho-Cheung – Director, Writer, Executive Producer of film” Aberdeen”

電影《星球大戰/ STAR WARS》是經典的科幻電影,美國電影經常會加插「星戰元素」[註1],除了向經典致敬之餘,亦發揮點綴故事的妙用;香港著名電影導演兼編劇—彭浩翔先生,得到《星球大戰/ STAR WARS》原創作人喬治.盧卡斯先生(Mr. George Lucas)及盧卡斯影業(Lucasfilm Limited)正式授權,在電影《香港仔》(中國內地名為《人間小團圓》)中正式使用「星戰元素」,是首部獲得授權華語電影。香港駐軍(Hong Kong 501st),香港本地星球大戰粉絲團隊,十分榮幸得到彭浩翔先生抽空接受訪問,細談製作點滴及分享對SW感受。
STAR WARS is such a classic sci-fi movie that STAR WARS elements are always incorporated into the American films. [Note 1] It can not only pay tribute to this classic movie, but also perfect the story. Pang Ho-Cheung, the famous Hong Kong film director and screen writer, have been officially authorized by the original creator of the STAR WARS, Mr. George Lucas, and the Lucasfilm Limited to use STAR WARS elements in the film, "Aberdeen" , which is the first film that is officially authorized. Hong Kong 501st, the local fans club for STAR WARS, is extremely privileged and honored to interview Mr. Pang Ho-Cheung who makes it to come here from his busy schedule, sharing details of the production and feelings about SW.

(為方便閱讀,以下簡稱彭浩翔先生為PHC、喬治.盧卡斯先生(Mr. George Lucas)為GL、電影《星球大戰/ STAR WARS》為SW、Hong Kong Garrison of 501st Legion為501st)
(In order to facilitate reading, hereinafter Mr. Pang Ho-Cheung will be short for PHC, Mr. George Lucas for GL, the film STAR WARS for SW, and Hong Kong Garrison of 501st Legion for 501st.)

1) 501st:十分感謝彭導抽空接受訪問及讓我們有機會參與《香港仔》的製作,感謝、感激、萬謝(下刪一千字說話)……可以說說你對SW的看法/感受嗎?
1) 501st:I would like to extend my thanks to Mr. Pang Ho-Cheung for this interview from your busy schedule, and give us the chance to participate in the production of the film "Aberdeen" . Thank you and gratitude to you (Eliminating one thousand words)… Can you briefly talk about your opinions and feelings about SW?

PHC: In my opinion, SW exemplifies a remarkable landmark. GL brought into full play filming expertise, including the shooting techniques, the use of props and the models, exceeding other counterparts in his time, and laid a foundation for SW as a masterpiece in the sci-fi films.

2) 501st:SW有什麼劇情令你印象最深刻呢?
2) 501st:What plots impress you most in the SW?

PHC:在STAR WARS: Episode VI (EP6)的賈霸宮殿(Jabba's Palace)一幕,土豪色宮殿設計和奴隸裝的莉亞公主 (又名Slave Leia),尤其是賈霸(Jabba the Hutt)以鐵鍊奴役莉亞公主和公主姣好的身段最令我難忘!嘿嘿,原來公主頗有來頭!
PHC:In the STAR WARS, the scene which happened in the Jabba's Palace in the Episode VI (EP6) impressed me most. The design of the golden palace and the Princess Leia (also called Slave Leia) dressed in slave clothes, especially the scen where Jabba the Hutt was enslaving the princess and her beautiful figure impressed me most. Hey, finally, Princess Leia was powerfully backing!

3) 501st:人物方面呢?
3) 501st:What about the characters?

PHC:Quite a lot. I prefer to Chewbacca, who was loyal but honest and straightforward, and I also like C-3PO and R2-D2, particularly C-3PO. He was too chatty to make people like him. In my childhood, I often wanted to give a spank to C-3PO to stop his talking.

4) 501st:言歸正傳,可以簡單介紹《香港仔》的劇情嗎?
4) 501st:Get down to business. Can you briefly introduce the plots of the play "Aberdeen" ?

PHC:這是我在多年前寫下的家庭故事,講述幾位主角遇到生活上困難,或自身問題浮現,再洐生出家庭問題。其中由古天樂飾演的鄭偉滔,是一名超級帥哥兼超級SW迷,他擁有成功事業及嬌妻;表面上一帆風順的鄭偉滔,其實充滿煩惱,他不能接受自己人生的缺憾,其中一個是女兒的外貌,其女外貌不美。他認為帥哥美女的女兒,必然是美女,但事實正好相反。 女兒外貌只是其中一個問題,種種問題讓他無法釋懷,最後由杜汶澤飾演SW專賣店店長兼好朋友,引用SW一個典故開解他,他才豁然開朗,重新接受自己的人生。
PHC: It is a family story that I wrote few years ago, describing the heroes encountered obstacles in their lives or their own problems, which brought about family conflicts. The Zheng Weitao, played by Louis Koo, is a handsome guy crazy about SW, who has successful career and a beloved wife. It is apparent that Zhen Weitao enjoys a smooth life but is full of agonies. As he cannot accept regrets in his life, he is worried about the appearance of his daughter, who is so beautiful. He believes the daughter with a handsome father and a pretty mother is doomed to be a beauty. However, the opposite is true. It is only a part of his troubles, which puzzle him a lot. Finally, the manager of a SW franchised store, one of his friends, eases his anxiety with an allusion in SW. Only then he is suddenly enlightened and restarts to accept his life.

5) 501st:男主角古天樂先生,他是廣為人知的SW迷,這是選用他為男主角的原因嗎?
5) 501st:Louis Koo, the hero, is widely acknowledged as a SW fan. Is it the reason why you choose him as the hero?

PHC: The hero is required to be handsome and a SW lover. Is there a better choice except for Mr. Louis Koo? The moment he received the script he told us: “The character is suitable for me.” And then he promised to play the role of Zheng Weitao at once.

6) 501st:你如何刻劃男主角是一名超級SW迷呢
6) 501st:How do you portray the hero as a crazy SW fan?

PHC:In his home display a large number of SW knick-knacks, including helmets and toys. In addition, his daily life and topics will center on SW. As for this issue, I have discussed and negotiate with our art director for a long time before we achieved an agreement.


7) 501st:跟古天樂的合作,有帶出什麼SW火花嗎?
7) 501st:While collaborating with Louis, is there any spark or new feeling?

PHC:During the process of filming, he was constantly sharing his new-bought SW collections with us…

8) 501st:除了男主角是超級SW迷外,《香港仔》還有其他「星戰元素」嗎?
8) 501st:Besides that the hero is a super SW fan, are there any SW elements in this film??

PHC: Stormtrooper will appear in the film as major character, which is important for the plots of the film. Another classic scene will also be incorporated in the "Aberdeen". The major role of SW elements is to embellish the story and highlight personalities of characters. And I also hope to make more people know and review the SW.

9) 501st:《香港仔》是得到SW原創作人喬治.盧卡斯先生(Mr. George Lucas)及官方(Lucasfilm)授權,將「星戰元素」正式放入電影內,可否簡述事件的由來?
501st: "Aberdeen" has been officially authorized by the original SW creator, Mr. George Lucas, and the Lucasfilm Limited to embody SW elements into the film. Can you briefly expound it?

PHC:在2008年,我的作品《出埃及記/ Exodus》[註2]獲洛杉磯電影節(Los Angeles Film Festival) [註3]選入年青導演優秀作品,因此我得到去參觀天行者牧場(Skywalker Ranch)[註4]的機會。
PHC:In 2008, my work Exodus[Note 2] was selected as one of outstanding works of young directors in the Los Angeles Film Festival[Note 3]. Therefore I got the chance to visit Skywalker Ranch[Note 4].

When the festival ended, I took the plane and then spent one hour taking the bus to arrive the Skywalker Ranch. Together with other invited young directors, I visited one of the largest postproduction studios, which was an extraordinary place with forests, prairies, and walking horses and deer. While around the postproduction studios in Hong Kong, I have only seen barking dogs.

Led by PR, we came to a tattered wooden house, under which there was a large hole. It was very difficult for you to identify the underground secret base with an outside perspective. Concisely speaking, above the hole, with large space inside, there stood a tattered wooden house. In the hole, there are many houses, used for different postproductions. Led by PR, we visited various places, such as the sound studios, which is as large as a indoor IGH. It walls can change their materials in line with production needs, such as slate, wood and fiber boards. It also has a film library, open to filmmakers to collect materials, as well as a racecourse, where working people can ride horses when they want to release themselves.

It is truly an eye-opener!

晚上,GL出席晚宴,在食飯期間,他邀請年青導演們講述自己獲選作品的故事; 對我而言,這情況就如天神突然顯靈,查問我今日的生活所需!我當然把握機會,我盡量向GL及一眾導演講述《出埃及記/ Exodus》的故事。
In the evening, GL attended the banquet. During the dinner, he invited the young directors to tell stories about their select film. As for me, it seemed like the God was asking me about my necessities! Of course, I took this advantage to try my best to describe the story of Exodus for GL and other directors.

晚宴後的酒會,GL的私人助理過來找我,告訴我在眾多故事中,《出埃及記/ Exodus》是GL最有印象的一個。我興奮之餘,向他簡述了Aberdeen的初步構思及當中所涉及的「星戰元素」,希望得到官方的正式授權,於是對方要求我先遞交故事大綱給他們,我回港後便馬上撰寫故事大綱,連同相關資料遞交到盧卡斯影業(Lucasfilm Limited)。
At the following party, GL’s personal assistant told me that among such many stories, Exodus impressed GL most. I was excited to briefly tell him about my initial ideas about Aberdeen as well as SW elements involved in this movie. I also expressed my desire to get official authorization. As result, they required me to send them a story outline. As soon as I came back to Hong Kong, I wrote the outline and sent it, with other relative materials to the Lucasfilm Limited.

In fact, at the beginning, I just had a try, and then gradually forgot this issue. You know, the similar applications like mine must be piled in their office. About half a year later, my company abruptly received a parcel from America, with the logo of the Skywalker Ranch on it. It contained a thick pile of official contracts, mainly about that my application has been approved and I can use SW elements that I needed.

It is my dream in my filming career to make SW elements appear in my movie!


10) 501st:在《香港仔》製作上,你們有遇到什麼困難嗎?
10) 501st:During the production of "Aberdeen" , did you face any difficulties?

PHC:在資料搜集上,我們花了頗長的時間,例如道具的細節、要尋找第一版的雷射影碟(Laser Disc,縮寫:LD)、比較不同修復版本[註5]等。
PHC: We spent long time collecting materials, including considering details about props, looking for the first version of Laser Disc (LD) and making comparison between various revised versions [Note 5] and so on.

11) 501st:拍攝當中有發生什麼趣事嗎?
11) 501st:Is there anything interesting during the film shooting?

PHC:其中一幕提及EP4(STAR WARS: Episode IV),杜汶澤堅持EP4應稱為「第一集」,古天樂糾正他,EP4是「第四集」,如果稱EP4為「第一集」就等同不認識SW。經過一輪討論後,杜汶澤假意讓步,改稱EP4為「第一次放映的第四集」。[註6]
PHC:In a scene involving EP4 (STAR WARS: Episode IV), Chapman insisted that EP4 was Episode I. Louis corrected him that EP4 was Episode IV and if you called it the first episode, it meant you had no idea of SW. After a round of discussion, Chapman pretended to make a concession and called EP4 as Episode IV of the first show. [Note 6]

12) 501st:您作品以貼近生活及黑色幽默見稱,這次題材有著什麼分別?
12) 501st:Your works are famous for their closing to daily life and black humor?

PHC:The most significant difference between it and the former ones is it’s, instead of a comedy, a movie about family relations. The keynote is rather serious. This movie was inspired by an event that one of my relatives passed away. It brought me the idea to write a family story.


13) 501st:《香港仔》中有什麼訊息想帶給觀眾
13) 501st:What messages the movie "Aberdeen" wants to give the audience?

PHC:Every family has certain misunderstandings and problems in the hearts of its members. They may not disappear with the time going by. However, when you looking back, you may find it just a trivial issue but you don’t let it go or confront.

Sometimes you should let it go.

In addition, some scenes were added to review the past times of Hong Kong. I believe some things, even having been abandoned, are still very important. However, in this modern society, there are no enough channels for people to know these things. That’s why I made them a part of my movie. I aims to offer young people opportunities to know them and the elderly to recall them.

14) 501st:SW對你電影製作有什麼啟發/影響嗎?
14) 501st:As for your film production, is there any inspiration and impact from SW?

PHC:It ignites my dream for making a sci-fi movie. I have been dreaming about making a series of sci-fi movies, the true sci-fi movies instead of those involving half fiction and half reality. However, due to a variety of problems, I haven’t made it yet. First, it is because Hong Kong film industry has its own problems. The majority of Chinese films depend too much on CG. When some obstacles occur in production, the filmmakers always will use CG to overcome them. Actually, in film production, CG serves as an assistant tool at best. If you want to produce the ideal and spectacular scene, CG is obviously not enough.

Second, we lack filming models. Hong Kong has no local teams for making filming models and relative talents. We rely on foreign model teams to support our film production, to some degree, which has been a problem hindering film production. Moreover, Hong Kong filmmakers usually use CG in place of model, which brings about acceptable results. The movie, Twinkle Twinkle Little Star, directed by Alex Cheung Siuhing [Note 7], was one of several works attaching importance to model production. It is said that the model team of this movie is the one of SW, which was specially invited to assist in production. Therefore, the base and spaceship models in that movie were very extraordinary.

當年,GL在沒有電腦特技(CG)的支援下,用不同比例模型,配合燈光技巧、底片特技、多角度拍攝,製作出一幕又一幕名場面,至今仍然是石破天驚!舉一個近期例子,2013年荷里活電影《10,000 BC/公元前一萬年》[註8],戲中出現的金字塔,是在真實沙漠中搭建的一個金字塔模型,在不同日光下拍攝,再配合電腦特技(CG)製成電影畫面。
At that time, GL produced, without support from CG, various famous scenes by using models in different sizes, together with negative effects and multi-angle shooting. These scenes are still very amazing! Take a recent movie as an example. The pyramid in the movie 10,000BC [Note 8], a Hollywood movie which was produced in 2013, was a model built in the real desert. The scenes were shot under sunlight at different time and then, together with CG, produced into film.

The limitation for Hong Kong’s film production is that we lack support from model making teams, in spite of the successful and experienced CG technology teams. Consequently, our films are just acceptable but have no delicate scenes. It seems like we pass the oral English, but far away from fluency.

Therefore, during the producing process of "Aberdeen", I attached great importance to filming models. We set up models for the North Corner Street and dreams. We also made animal models. Shooting with a combination of models and CG, we hope to achieve expected results.


15) 501st:可以分享完成《香港仔》後的心情嗎?
15) 501st:Can you share with us your feeling after finishing the film "Aberdeen" ?

PHC:During this process of shooting "Aberdeen" , one of the most precious things is that I can get in touch with my idol, GL, on filming. I would like to extend my sincere thanks to him as well as his team, who help me complete Aberdeen. It there is one day I am going to make a sci-fi film, I hope I can make an epochal film just as GL did.

16) 501st:您如何認識501st呢?
16) 501st:What do you think of 501st?

PHC:My filming assistant knew 501st through introduction of his friend when looking for props. Thank you for your help with and suggestions on props and materials.

17) 501st:您個人有什麼收藏?
17) 501st:What collections do you have?

PHC:I have only collected an original EP4 poster, which was bought online.

18) 501st:您對未來SW電影有什麼期望(EP7-9) ?
18) 501st:What do you expect for the future SW movies(EP7-9)?

PHC:I hope while new SW movies take on new styles, they will maintain classic elements.

19) 501st:聞說,我們的朋友郭子健導演也有份參與《香港仔》幕前演出,是真有其事嗎?
19) 501st:It is said that our friend, Derek Kwok, also starred in the "Aberdeen" , is it?

PHC:Yes. He played a role of a troublesome tourist.

20) 501st:最後,您有什麼話想對廣大的「星戰迷」及您的影迷說?
20) 501st:At last, what do you want to say to SW fans and your fans?

PHC:我強烈建議大家一定要重溫經典EP4-6,而且一定要看EP4-6原版 (不經任何數碼修復)。在時代變遷與科技進步下,SW也相對地推出不同版本,但我最鍾愛仍然是EP4-6原版,這個版本最具魅力及富有神聖地位,是起源及經典。
PHC:I strongly recommend people to review the classic EP4-6, and the original version (without any digital revision). With the time going by and the progress of science and technology, various SW versions have also come out. But I still love the original version of EP4-6, which is most attractive and thus enjoys a divine reputation. It is the origin as well as the classic.

記者:Joseph, Mankam

Reporter by : Joseph, Mankam
Written by : Mankam
Photography by: :Joseph


1. 「星戰元素」指在非《星球大戰/ STAR WARS》電影中,加插《星球大戰/ STAR WARS》的元素在內,如過場的路人甲、背景的物件、劇情等; 以美國電影為例,曾有「星戰元素」出現的例子包括電影《E.T.》、《Star Trek》、《Star Trek Into Darkness》、《Ted》、《Die Hard 4.0》、《The Lego Movie》等等。
「SW elements」refers to add SW elements into other SW films, such as a small role A, background ornaments, plots and so on. Take American movies as an example. Movies containing SW elements include E.T., Star Trek, Star Trek Into Darkness, Ted, Die Hard 4.0, The Lego Movie and so on.

2. 電影《出埃及記/ Exodus》是由彭浩翔執導的香港電影,於2007年9月上映,講述女人在廁所祕密集結,向男人復仇的故事。
The film, Exodus, is directed by Pang Ho-Cheung and it is on show in September, 2007. It is a story where women rally together in the toilet and impose a revenge on men.

3. 洛杉磯電影節(Los Angeles Film Festival)是每年六月在洛杉磯市中心舉行電影節。在電影節上,它會展出不類型的片段,包括獨立電影、故事短片、紀錄片、及音樂錄影等。
Los Angeles Film Festival is an event annually held the downtown of Los Angeles in June. On this festival, a variety of episodes will be displayed, including independent film, video stories, documentaries and music videos.

4. 天行者牧場(Skywalker Ranch)是由GL建立的小型社區,它包括了電影後期工作室、牧場、資料庫,其位置在美國加利福尼亞(California)一個僻靜的地方,是世界上其中一個最完善的電影後期工作室。
Skywalker Ranch is a small community built by GL, including film postproduction studios, ranches, and database. It is located in a quiet place in California, which is one of the most perfect film postproduction studios.

5. 隨著影音光碟技術的進步,SW曾推出不同年代的版本以達到更高影音水平;其中一個修復項目一直頗具爭議性,就是官方會加插或改動原有畫面,例如STAR WARS: Episode VI (EP6)中,結尾的老年Anakin Skywalker變回年青的Anakin Skywalker、Jedi Temple重現在結尾等。
With the progress of CD-ROM technology, SW released various versions of times in order to equip it with higher CD-ROM standard. Among them, one is quite controversial. It is that new elements were added or the original scenes were changed. For example, at the end of the Episode VI (EP6), STAR WARS, the elderly Anakin Skywalker came back to his youngster and Jedi Temple reappear in the end.

6. SW在STAR WARS: Episode IV (EP4)大收旺場後,才決定拍攝EP5及EP6,所以最初名字是沒有「Episode IV」,只有「STAR WARS」。在適當的解釋下,「第一集」或「第四集」同樣適用於EP4。
Only after SW got a hit, did the company decide to make EP5and EP6. Therefore, at the beginning, all of the first three episodes were called STAR WARS. As a result, both episode one and episode four can be used as the name of EP4.

7. 電影《星際鈍胎》是由章國明執導的香港電影,於1983年1月上映,是一個現代的科幻故事,講述女主角遇上外星人並被俘的奇遇。
The movie, Twinkle Twinkle Little Star, directed by Alex Cheung Siuhing, was on show in January, 1983. It was a modern sci-fi story about an adventure where the heroine came across aliens and then was captured by them.

8. 《10,000 BC/公元前一萬年》