人偶品牌Hot Toys創辦人—陳浩斌先生

Interview with Mr. Howard Chan – founder of HOT TOYS

HOT TOYS是一家源於香港的玩偶公司,專門面向世界市場設計、開發和出產大小12英寸(約30厘米)的高精細度收藏性可動人偶,以逼真的頭部、做工精細的用材及豐富的配件聞名。該公司成立於2000年,最初專門生產1:6比例的美軍特種部隊人物可動人偶,之後過渡到現在以生產電影人物、電玩遊戲人物為主,尤其是他們的電影名作系列品牌(Movie Masterpiece Series)高端人偶。他們的團隊主要由雕塑家Yulli和畫家JC Hong所領導。 2010年,Hot Toys的唯一一個官方商店「Toy Hunters」,被「Time Out」消費指導雜誌評為香港最佳50個獨立商店之一。
Hot Toys Limited is a Hong Kong-based production house for designing, developing, and manufacturing highly detailed collectible merchandise to worldwide markets. Established in 2000, the company initially focused on producing 1:6 scale U.S. military special forces action figures before transitioning to production of high-end figures based on media properties, primarily under their Movie Masterpiece Series brand. Their team of artists is led by sculptor Yulli and painter JC Hong. In 2010, Hot Toys’ one and only official store, Toy Hunters, was recognized as one of the 50 best independent shops in Hong Kong by “Time Out” Magazine.


Mr. Howard Chan, a big fan of Star Wars and founder of HOT TOYS which produce widely known 1/6 action figures, shares with us his memory of Star Wars and the stories of Star Wars figures production, including the soon-to-be-launched 1/6 action figures DX Bespin Luke Skywalker. Thanks to the help of SL8111, we are most happy to visit HOT TOYS and Howard in August 2011

得到隊員SL8111的穿針引線,本隊有幸於2011年8月拜訪玩具狂熱Hot Toys辦公室與創辦人陳浩斌先生Howard會面,除了因為久仰Hot Toys的1/6活動人偶外,另一原因就是Howard也是一名星球大戰Star Wars的愛好者;訪問期間Howard描述他對星戰回憶,及回顧了Hot Toys在星戰產品製作上的點滴,當中包括即將推出的1/6 Action Figure DX Bespin Luke Skywalker。 Hottys Interview 2011   Hottys Interview 2011

My First Time with STAR WARS

Howard was 5 when he and his cousin watched the 1st Star Wars Movie (Episode 4 – A New Hope) at Mongkok’s Lai Sing Theatre. It was all amusement to Howard that the movie was totally different from other sci-fi films at the same period. Apart from the brilliant plot and dialogue, it brought out really splendid side products – toys. “When the 2nd Star Wars Movie (Episode 5 – The Empire Strikes Back) was on show, I got so excited and was crazy about it. The white scene design; the excellent coherence of the plot line and the setting of machine and characters, such as Drath Vader who links up the whole story, all left me strong impression” said Howard, “I still remember that I saw a Star Wars 3.5 inch figure at a toy shop at Ocean Terminal Mall when its movie on show. I wanted Han Solo style so much but, you see, as a child I could only look at it. Kids at that time love Luke Skywalker a lot, to us, he is the hero of righteous that we always looked up to.” Not until the showing of the 2nd Episode (Episode 5 – The Empire Strikes Back) that Howard owned his first Star Wars 3.5 inch figure – Luke Skywalker in Cloud City scene.

Besides toys and movie promotional products, Howard also collected Star Wars newspapers when he was a child. “I still read them when I have time.” said Howard. Asking for his opinion on the three prologues, Howard told us he liked Episode 3 – Revenge of the Sith the most. He also noted Star Wars Expanded Universe and Luke’s style in Dark Empire made quite an impression on him. However, due to heavy business, he didn’t pay much attention on recent years’ Clone Wars animations TV season.

與 Star Wars 結緣

在輕鬆的談話中,Howard道出他與星戰的第一次,源於5歲那年他和表哥在旺 角麗星戲院觀看了第一集星球大戰(Episode 4 - A New Hope)後,發覺星戰與當年一般的科幻電影很不同,有精彩故事情節及對白,還有由電影伸延出來的精美玩具產品;後來第二集帝國反擊戰(Episode 5 - The Empire Strikes Back)上映時,Howard 直言為之瘋狂,除了欣賞電影白色的場景設計外,以及劇情上出色的起承轉合外,還對人物及機械設定留下深刻的印象,例如Darth Vader的角色定位,貫穿了整個故事。

Howard憶述上映星球大戰當年,在海運大廈商場的玩具店看到星戰的3.5吋人偶,很想得到Han Solo的款式,礙於小朋友的經濟能力而未能擁有,當年一眾小朋友都喜歡正義男主角Luke Skywalker,Howard也不例外,直到上映帝國反擊戰,Howard終於擁有第一隻3.5吋星戰人偶玩具:Cloud City造型的Luke Skywalker。

由於Howard對星戰情有獨鍾,童年時除了收集玩具及電影宣傳品外,還會剪報收藏,在有空的時候拿出來翻閱。對於後來製作的前傳三部曲,Howard最喜歡是黑帝君臨(Episode 3 - Revenge of the Sith),外傳方面亦有留意,對 Dark Empire 中Luke的造型亦有深刻印象,惟因為工作煩忙的關係,近年的Clone Wars動畫則比較小留意。 Hottys Interview 2011



“I fell for Star Wars since childhood; after starting my business, to manufacture Star Wars products became one of my goals.” said Howard. In 2006, Howard’s creative ideas earned him an authorization to manufacture Star Wars Chubby. Such figure series brought global Star War fans surprise. Regrettably, the series ceased production as considerable problems occurred in the process of examination and manufacture.

Hot Toys 與 Star Wars

由 於Howard從小已愛上星戰,故製作星戰產品成為其創業後的其中一個目標, 最終憑其創作意念在2006年成功獲得授權生產星戰俄羅斯公仔(Star Wars Chubby),縱然這系列為各地星戰迷帶來驚喜,無奈在審批及製作過程中遇到相當困難,故只推出了兩個系列後便停止生產。

Yet Howard didn’t simply give up his dream. At last, an authorization was given to HOT TOYS to manufacture 1/6 figure this year as the company has been earning higher opinion and ranking in the international figure market.

Amongst all Star Wars movies, Episode 5 – The Empire Strikes Back influenced Howard the most. As Luke Skywalker has always been his favourite character plus his first owned figure is Luke Skywalker in the Cloud City scene so he decided to manufacture Bespin (Cloud City locates on Bespin Planet) Luke Skywalker in an even more exquisite and glamorous DX series as debut production. Apart from movable eyes, two headpieces, two costumes and one Cloud City scene stands, Howard told Troop 501 a piece of exclusive news, the figure actually contains two Nos. figure bodies, both headpieces have movable eyes (Parallel Eyeball Rolling System (PERS)). The aerial at the scene stand bottom is fixed into a positionwhich could be adjusted so that players could place the figure wherever even surface . Such friendly design will definitely captivate global Star Wars fans. Seeing that the final design is yet to confirm pending approval and modification, pictures of the figures could not be disclosed. Still, Howard hopes the figure would be ready to order in next few months and be launched the soonest in first quarter next year.

但 Howard並無因此而放棄生產星戰人偶的理想,隨著Hot Toys在國際人偶市場上獲得更高的評價以及更高的地位,終於在今年獲準生產星戰1/6人偶,由於Howard在多集星戰中最深受帝國反擊戰的影響,且最喜愛的角色是Luke Skywalker,再加上第一隻擁有的人偶就是Cloud City中的Luke Skywalker(又可叫作Bespin Luke Skywalker,因Cloud City是位於Bespin星球上),故選擇了以這個造型作為頭炮,並選擇以更精密及華麗的DX系列推出,除已知的可動眼、兩款頭雕、兩套衫以及一款 Cloud City場景底座外,Howard獨家向香港501部隊透露,這款人偶其實是包含兩個素體,而兩個頭雕均具可動眼,而Cloud City底部的「天線」情景是可以固定在某一位置及調較角度,讓玩家可以吸在屋內任何平滑的地方,實在是非常用心的設計,一定能令星戰迷愛不釋手,可惜仍要待審批方面回覆再作出少量修改,故暫未能提供人偶相片,但希望能於未來數月內接受預訂,最快明年第一季推出市面。

Unlike any other film figures introduced by HOT TOYS, Star Wars figures do not have a problem of timeliness as the movie is the Classic of all sci-fi films. “I believe that slow works yields fine products, so I plan to produce one design every year. So far, I have neither a plan for other series, nor an idea of next character for the DX series. All I wish is to produce an authentic Star Wars figure that has a taste of the 80s.” said Howard.

By end of the interview, Howard shares with us an interesting interlude in 2011 San Diego Comic Con.

“It was quite a surprise to find Mark Hamill, actor for the role of Luke Skywalker, having autograph ceremony in the spot.” told Howard. “Back then, HOT TOYS has announced the introduction of Star Wars figures; the rudimentary model of our debut – Bespin Luke is exhibiting in the hall; and the figure’s core production team are all there, so I immediately grab the figure and call together the team to rush to meet Mark hoping that we all could take a picture. However, when we got there, he’s already gone.” continued Howard, with disappointment shown on his face. “I would still hope to hand in the Bespin Luke figure to him personally in future.”

由於星戰是科幻電影的經典,不像Hot Toys目前推出的其他電影人偶般可能有時間熱潮上的限制,故暫時只計劃每年推出一款,未有計劃推出其他系列,而亦未落實第二款星戰DX會是那一個角色,希望能夠慢工出細貨,最重要是希望能做出一隻具有80年代風味,忠於原著的星戰角色人偶。

訪問尾聲,Howard分享了一段他在2011 San Diego Comic Con(聖地牙哥動漫展)的小插曲,話說他當時他正在會場中,突然發現了飾演Luke Skywalker的演員 Mark Hamill正在會場舉行簽名會!當時Hot Toys已公佈了推出星戰人偶,而第一炮 Bespin Luke的初形亦放在會場中展覽,再加上製作這隻人偶的整個核心團對均在會場,故他的反應是馬上拿起這隻人偶,並集合團隊一同找Mark Hamill簽名並拍照留念,可惜當他們一切俱備趕到簽名會時,Mark Hamill已經離開了會場…. Howard憶述時表示感到十分可惜,亦寄望將來可以親手將人偶交到Mark Hamill手上。

HOWARD and 501ST

Howard told us that he heard from friends that 501st is a professional Star Wars cosplay organization. On one hand, given the opportunity, 501st introduced to Howard its establishment objectives and charitable purposes; on the other hand, Howard was intrigued by 501st armour, especially Sandtrooper and Boba Fett. “I look forward to putting on the armour with my son and participate in the charitable activities.” Howard looks very excited and we all expect this day to come.

Howard過往從友人介紹得知501ST 是一個專業的星球大戰扮裝組織,借此會面機會,本隊亦向Howard重新介紹了本隊成立目的及以慈善為主的活動宗旨。對於501ST的盔甲,Howard對Sandtrooper及Boba Fett的盔甲特別感興趣,他憧憬將來可以與兒子以父子裝的星戰扮裝出席活動,我們亦期待這一日的來臨。

後記 在整過訪問過程中,我們切實地感受到Howard是一個超級星戰迷,對於他最終能如願推出星戰人偶,實在替他高興,亦是星戰迷的一大喜訊!我們亦分別從星戰迷及玩家的角度提供了很多寶貴意見,互相交流,期望Hot Toys能繼續推出更多高質素的人偶,為香港爭光! 

記者: TK2328, SL8111, TR7772, TK9132, TK4949
撰文: SL8111, TK2328, TK4949
翻譯:Janie Wong
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